Hand-on: Practical Development Embedded  Cellular Solutions Base 7070G

Hand-on: Practical Development Embedded  Cellular Solutions Base 7070G    

The Hand-on base on practical labs for development  7070G  Embedded Cellular Solutions

The labs includes total   working examples C language  that can be used after the labs also for continues development with 7070G

Introduction to RF transmitters Receivers in embedded world using simcom  7070G module

Esp32  microcontroller and  simcom 7070G Cellular Solutions lab :

1. Send \ Receive SMS with 7070G

2.Working with webserver\ data Server   Apache server  (  mysql  , php : Insert \ delete  \ update  \ select )

3.Open Simple socket: echo example analog

4.Send \ Receive  XML

5.Send \ Receive  htpp requests

6.Send \ Receive  MQTT

7.Read analog and digital IO’S with esp32 and send to simcom 7070G

8.Write  digital  , DAC , relay , lcd , relay with esp32 and  simcom 7070G

9.Ftp send and receive image from FTP Linux server

10.Working with GPS

11.Get base cell information and locations

12.Interrupt and wakeup microcontroller and 7070G

13.Low power mode 7070G and power consumption

14.Solar panel and batteries with 7070G

15.Pcb simcom 7070G design

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